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Jeff from behind the Lens...

As a photographer my job is to capture those single moments frozen in time, which provoke expression and emotion.  Whether of a person, a place, an event or something that nature offers, photographic images are a lasting representation and reminder for us to relive and keep enjoying.  I'm passionate about beautiful images, seeing the story within or promoting different interpretations and, for those who become clients, providing images to cherish for many years to come.


I love to see what's around me, take notice of it and wherever possible capture the moment.  Most of us live our lives in the fast lane - always something going on, urgent things to do, meetings to get to and people to see.  Stepping back and taking in what's around us enables us to appreciate life and everything it offers so much more.


My usual style could be said to be 'documentary', capturing moments that have some kind of story whether that be obvious or not, and aiming to tell that story through my images.  Of course there are many genre and styles of photography and I switch around a bit and have respect for them all - from fine art, fashion & beauty, commercial, portrait, scape, old style black & white....they all have their place.


If you decide to become a client, before even lifting the camera I like to talk and preferably face to face.  I want to understand exactly what you want from your shoot, how & why, and what you want to do with your images when you have them.  It would be no good me delivering specific images if you actually wanted something quite different.  That would be a shame and maybe a disappointment for you and personally I would not be satisfied and fulfilled.  


So, it's important we get to know each other a little - I get to see how I can work with you to achieve the right results and you get to see if I'm the right photographer for you.  Trust me, we're not all the same!  We see things differently, have different natural styles, different personalities etc.....and at the end of the day you want to be able to get on with your photographer, particularly if you're with them for a while.   


For those interested, I use professional Nikon gear to capture my images including back-ups should there be any accidents or breakdowns.  When asked what's the best camera to have....?   Well, it's simply the one I have with me and on those 'spur of the moment occasions' sometimes that's just my little old iPhone!

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